(A bit of) reading in Japan

I had been wondering what Masahiko Tsugawa was reading in Crazed Fruit (Kô Nakahira, 1956)


and in Rokudenashi (he is the one with the book) (Yoshishige Yoshi, 1960) 


while Yukio Mishima as a yakuza fresh out of prison in Afraid to DieYasuzô Masumura,1960) is enjoying comics


just like a yakuza is reading a manga right before hell breaks over The Yakuza (Sydney Pollack, 1974)


Finally, Yûrei Yanagi is getting acquainted with the masters’ work in Achilles and the Tortoise (Takeshi Kitano, 2008)

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A poster of Louis Malle’s Les Amants (1958) and Stanley Kramer‘s The Defiant Ones (1958) in the apartment of the lady with the free spirit and a bit more westerner ways where the two brothers go to watch TV in Yasujirô Ozu‘s Ohayô (1959)

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