A bright smile

In Giants and Toys (Yasuzô Masumura, 1958) the advertising business is tough. Competition is relentless and one has to do things one doesn’t want to. 

He fights it but in the end he has to make a fool of himself. He wears the space suit and walks the streets to advertise.

She comes up to him and whispers “Give them a smile. A bright smile.”

And he does.

It makes it a little easier, I guess.


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Brides and fathers

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Bring me a flower

La Belle wants a rose…
…the rose in La Belle et la Bête (1946)
June Duprez with the blue rose of forgetfulness in The Thief of Bagdad (1940)
Deborah Kerr in The Innocents (1961)
Jacqueline Laurent in Le Jour Se Lève (1939)
Helena Carter in Invaders From Mars (1953)
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Samuel Fuller in Europe

Samuel Fuller has been deeply appreciated by filmmakers in Europe. He smoked his cigar in Pierrot le fou, Der amerikanische Freund, La vie de bohème.

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